Greetings! I’m Bronwen Payerle, artist and owner of Forsythia Design.

Forsythia Design offers contemporary drawings on organic cotton yardage. Imagery is based on the West Coast environment, handmade marks, and natural textures.

Embarking on the idea that became Forsythia Design came about after my husband and I moved to Gibsons, BC and welcomed a baby boy into our family. Feeling the need to be at home, yet build on a life-long passion for creative expression, I found myself imagining a way to truly make art that works as a small business. Inspired by some beautiful Etsuko Furuya fabric, theĀ  development of a line of limited edition printed fabrics was easy to embrace.

Born and raised in Vancouver, the damp coastal air and profusion of flora and fauna that surround me have formed not only my deep love of the environment but also an ability to find joy in a raincloud palette. From the earliest days, I used pen and paper as a means to enter an imaginary realm of talking animals. Drawing page upon page of furry creatures who required clothes, books and brightly coloured quilts, my young artist self created hours of entertainment.

After studying film at Emily Carr Institute of Art & Design and obtaining a degree in art education from the University of British Columbia, I attended the University of Victoria on Vancouver Island for an MFA in drawing. I published an artist book, Topo-graphica, with flask publishing in 2008. My drawings are held in private collections in Canada and the United States.

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