The Bees are Back

In my world, the bees are back. Not only have we just put our Mason bees out in their gable-roof palace, but wild bees are foraging in the yard. A true sign of warmth, sunshine and flowers, with the promise of summer fruit around the corner, bees let us know winter is truly gone. They are pretty amazing social insects, that make so much possible (pollinating crops, honey, arthritis management, pollen-based allergy control) it’s hard to imagine a world without them. Sadly however, due to ongoing attacks by parasites and viruses, both domestic and wild honey bees colonies are suffering. Their numbers are dropping, and fruit crops aren’t getting pollinated with the surety of the past.

Planting a diverse range of bee-friendly flowers is important if you want to help these buzzing benevolents. Sage, borage, bergamot, lavender, flowering currant, California lilac … there’s a huge list of flowers (and colours!) bees love. Sporting a bee on your t-shirt, necklace, note cards or kitchen wall is sure to attract attention of the human kind, and spark some sweet conversations about honey, if not design. I looked up some beautiful bee items on Etsy, just to provide a little eye candy.



I think I should start drawing bees for a summer print. What do you think?

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